Butternut Squash Gnocchi

Look at him, he’s bootiful! And already dead. They last 24 hours and then droop and drop. I think I have one female now so maybe we’ll see squash from the garden in some of these recipes.

I think cling to the hope that beginners luck will see me through, I have herbs growing and six squash plants a-blossoming, the one above is ahead of the curve due to earlier germination, but I still have so much to learn and much fretting to do. Maybe we’ll see a few more recipes with fresh herbs, other than Pesto (Which is still great with freshly picked herbs).

I’ve been a busy bee today and Yesterday, I’ll also be playing the bee when I try my hand at hand-pollination. Spare a thought for the poor guy with his paintbrush and Google obtained botany knowledge.

I managed to snag two two kilo squashes for a Euro today. I don’t know why they were so cheap, but I won’t grouse or grumble, cheap is cheap and I managed to get some BNS Cottage Pies, some BNS mash, the aforementioned Gnocchi and a bowl full of Roasted seeds out of them. The squashes were very mature so they were packed with seeds, it’s a fair trade off since you’ll get a less flavourful squash the longer it’s left on the vine. I plan to pick my own as soon as they ripen.

The sun refused to cooperate so excuse the shadows. The dough is slightly softer than the usual, but still easily worked. Just add a dusting of flour here and there.

Today’s pasta is just a replacement of sweet potato from my Buckwheat and Sweet Potato Gnocchi recipe with roasted Butternut Squash. It’ll all on the page, just follow the link. You will have to roast the squash to get out as much moisture as possible and you’ll probably be best to blitz it when cooled slightly. The rest is pretty much the same as the original recipe. I haven’t had a chance to try it yet, but it looks nice, maybe a tad softer, but not by much, and it’ll be handy for me as I can’t tolerate too much sweet potato.

I remembered to indent them with a  fork, they still look rough, but I am a home-cook and I shall fly that flag with pride! (That’s the excuse any ways) The dough is softer so it’ll be harder to get perfect. It’ll all taste the same, so don’t sweat it.

So that’s today’s tweak. I haven’t much in the wings as I seem to have hit a dead end in my search for recipes, but fear not gentle reader I will strive to find recipes suitable for myself and you. I did manage to get some Buckwheat Flakes so I can have some Buckwheat Cakes (Amazing with Butter!) or some Digestive Biscuits (Same) while I search. Maybe I’ll find something new to do with them too. I should sign off with a clever and witty bon mot…*Dashes away*


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