Stumble, Then Just Keep Walking

This was just going to an ordinary catch-up update, but due to a new allergy discovery I’m just going to climb onto my soap box and attempt to wax eloquent, whilst trying not to scratch. Fret not gentle reader this will not be a self-pity party, just a little window from just one of many, much too many it sadly seems, perhaps it makes us better people in some regards, at least we can strive to be better, like I was saying: a window from someone who has fallen into the coal cellar of allergens and intolerances.

Et Tu, Cilantro? (Tea here)

Aye, putting down the thesaurus (That’s a type of dinosaur right?) and leaving my airs, to er, air, it boils (See puns!) down to the fact that I’ve had a histamine reaction to cilantro. I did notice it last time with the smoothie, but I passed it off as my imagination. As a rule don’t do that, always be vigilant with allergies and intolerances, as an old hand I can be slightly flippant, but I usually spot it sooner rather than later. This is a pain, but not a devastating discovery, I went from realising I had celiac disease to discovering my nightshade intolerance, whilst in the throes of massive weight loss, with half a year of each other so this is small potatoes (See more puns!).

I’ll get to this in a moment.

Here’s the positive part, just in case you thought that’s all there was to this, I spotted this fast and dealt with it quickly. The more you deal with all your food troubles the better equipped you are to deal with them, experience leaves us in a position to overcome obstacles easily that would have once crushed us before. So I lose some cilantro, big whoop, I’ll be annoyed, chug some nettle tea (Natural anti-histamine, I find it good) and in a few days when most of the rash has cleared off I’ll carry on carrying on as I always do. What I’m saying simple is this: You will have days where everything goes wrong (That’s a paraphrase of what I was told when I started this, best advice ever. No sarcasm), that’s life, but the life you live allergy free will be a far more rewarding life. Keep at it, anyone can do it if I can.

I never just make one thing, much easier to multi-task and sort myself for the month. The pancakes are the Rice Flour Ones Here.

I finally tried, took me long enough, out a flax egg in a halved Buckwheat Bread and it worked, although I did find the taste lacking slightly, though the texture was fine and if you can’t have egg then it may be helpful, I’ve updated the  recipe. One thing I do want to mention is the reason why I don’t tag recipes vegan. I do tag them dairy or egg free when applicable, but as for vegan, well I sometimes remain unsure if it is vegan. I hate to find a recipe marked one way, that ends up being completely unsuitable for my needs. Food allergies are complicated and I’m sure if you follow a vegan diet then you’ll be able to check the dairy and egg free tags and find what suits you. Knowing the creativity of vegans most recipes here would be easily tweakable. Just wanted that out there, I used a lot of recipes that were originally vegan and I changed them to my needs, hopefully the same can be done in reverse for any vegans checking out this blog.

Tiny loaf tin is silly, but so useful.

This ended up heavier than I intended. Hopefully the next update, which may be cake! will be of a lighter, more pleasant read. Thanks for all your support everyone!