Korean Style Steamed Eggs

When I say flat bottomed bowl I mean it. I had to swap this one because the water kept getting trapped and rocking it.

This is a pretty interesting recipe. It looks like a dessert and I’d say if you could tweak it to be sweeter you’d have a great recipe on your hands. It’s a really Eggy recipe, mostly because it’s mostly egg. I’m not a huge fan of just Eggs, I like them with something, but in saying that this recipe has a really interesting texture, somewhat slippery and very soft, but not mushy, and is worth trying for yourselves.

Looks like a cheesecake and a soufflé had a baby, but it’s all egg. It’d make a fun breakfast.

I didn’t have any fresh Scallion at hand and Sesame Seeds? I wish. Gluten Free on the factory level for seeds seem to be a fable made up to taunt celiacs. I just used water and salt this time, but I know fish sauce goes well with eggs. Just don’t smell it or swig it for that matter.

From: Recipe: Korean-Style Steamed Eggs


2 Large Eggs
1/4 Tsp Salt or Fish Sauce
120ml Water or Stock
1/2 Scallion, Chopped
1/4 Tsp Toasted Sesame Seeds


1. Add the Eggs, Salt and Water to a jug and beat until frothy. Pour the mixture in to a flat-bottomed heat-proof ceramic bowl. Leave some room for the Eggs as they will rise slightly.

2. Place bowl in a pot (Glass lidded makes it easier) and fill with hot, not boiling, Water halfway up the bowl. Bring the Water to a gently simmer and cover. Cook on a medium-low heat for 12 minutes.

3. When the time is up remove the lid and scatter the Scallion and Sesame Seeds on top. Cover and cook for a further 3 minutes. When done the Eggs will be firm, but jiggly.

It stays hot too. It never went cold when I was eating it.


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