Yet more Trials and Tribulations of Buckwheat Bread.

Yeah, it’s that time again. What time you ask? Why time to fiddle with Buckwheat Bread variations! Okay, I’ll admit I’ve been doing a lot with this basic recipe, but you’ll surely notice they’ve all worked rather well and if you try it (You really should) you’ll find they taste completely different. It’s a basic recipe, but then again so are most quick bread recipes, I find it works wonderfully as a base and I’ll keep trying my best to make the most out of it. I’m having a blast trying out whatever comes to mind, no matter how absurd. I hope if any one reading this (You wonderful person you) will try out their own variations and come up with something incredible. Not too great mind, my ego couldn’t take it. Kidding…maybe.

Tahini Bread and Banana Bread. No, not that Tahini Bread.

Now before I start I will say I wasn’t 100% happy with the banana bread, so I’ll leave it here as a work in progress rather than adding it as a vouched for recipe. What went wrong you’ll surely wonder, well it stuck…slightly. Yeah, that shouldn’t bug me, but it did. I’d hate to see someone double it and have it go wrong. If I’m not 100% certain of a recipe working as described, it doesn’t go up without a heads up. These ingredients cost enough and I’ve been caught by bad recipes in the past. I won’t do the same to others.

It stuck slightly to the tin, see there! *Points at screen*

Now as far as the bread itself went it was just like banana bread, I’m not wild on banana bread, but it’s a handy way to bulk up some basic buckwheat bread. All it needs is is about 4 medium bananas and 50g Brown Sugar. Add the Sugar alongside the Eggs and add the Bananas last. It’ll rise quite a bit so be careful. You may want to line the sides as well as the bottom and grease it well. It’ll stop the paper sticking. As you can see I’ve halved the recipe as a test, but the 4 banana and 50g Brown Sugar is the full amount you’ll use for a full loaf.

As an aside I do wonder if I should add a small guide, a rough one undoubtedly, for lining a tin for cakes. It’s not a bad skill to learn and once you get the hang of it it’s a breeze. Especially if you cut a few greaseproof/parchment paper liners before hand. I may try, just a few photos and a bit of descriptive guidance. I’m not professional, but I line a mean tin for Flourless Nut Cakes.

I left some of the banana lumpy, because it add texture and because I was lazy. It’s soft to cut as well, a bread knife will just shred it.

Back to this post, the tahini bread has a subtle taste of tahini, I added what would be 100g for a full loaf (50 for a half naturally), a pinch of Salt and 2 Tbsp Maple Syrup. It’s crusty and somewhat dry like the standard loaf. It’d go well with a Tahini Based Pasta Dish like: Lemon Tahini Pasta or Honey, Garlic and Tahini Dressing. That one is fine as is, just line it and grease it and it’ll pop right out. All these freeze just fine.

I have one last thing to add, rather two. Firstly I tried out a second Egg in the basic bread recipe and found it gave it a slightly springer texture. Not as much as the flax, but it maybe helpful for those who can’t eat too much fibre and would rather leave the flaxseed out. That’s been added along with the Tahini variation. Secondly: It’s Celiac Awareness Week. I thought you should be aware of that *Rimshot*