Nut Butter Fruit Muffins and Banana Cream Pie Smoothie

Just two small additions to my Buckwheat Flour Muffins and Smoothies. The recipes are already on the pages, just follow the links.

The Banana Cream Pie is a really simple, but tasty smoothie. I regret not using a larger banana or at least less water. I still marvel at how wonderful the texture imparted to a smoothie by frozen banana is. As for frozen banana treats, you also can’t get any easier than my Banana Soft Serve. Speaking of which: I did see a site mention that adding some fresh basil brought a new twist to the basic recipe. I’ll hopefully have a new batch of basil to try it with, hopefully sooner rather than later.

The second is just a simple tweak, but one I really have been meaning to try. It was just the addition of almond butter and some blueberries to the standard muffins, but the nut butter gave it a wonderful hint of almond and I think even made it a tad springier. Sadly the rack in my oven was crooked and the tops reached up towards the light, of the oven probably, and looked too ugly to photograph. I have some standards you know! Now much, but I draw the line at lumpy muffins. Thankfully the taste wasn’t affected and they didn’t last long.

A short (-ish) post this time, but as always I have a few things rolling around in my head. I want to try a second egg in my Buckwheat Bread recipe, because the texture of the muffins are lovely and soft and they’re essentially just the bread halved with the same amount of egg. I may also try a tahini version of the bread too, somewhat like the nutty banana version. I think I may be sticking to dark tahini in future, it makes a better Tahini Bread and the Sauces all taste practically the same.

Oh, one last thing I’ll mention: I’m thinking of trying a basil Buttercream, topping a Flourless Nut Cake with it and perhaps a few strawberries, possibly in a Compote. I can’t eat strawberries often, due to histamine intolerance, but it’s been a while. Now, that’s it for me. Check out the links scattered about this post and maybe you’ll find something to interest or inspire you.