Basil, Gardening and Jack.

Jack? Jack who, you ask? Why Jack of all trades. Not your Uncle Jack that seems to struggle with commas and horses. I’m wearing many hats these days it seems. Well, that at least sounds better than I’m stumbling my way through a herb garden. I’m learning a lot, this is my first try and hopefully I may even end up with some squashes by the end of it! That’s the dream at least, but Jack has a long way to go yet and miles to go before he…er, squashes. Sorry Robert Frost.

None of this is false modesty or humble bragging. Until a month, or so, ago I didn’t know root-bound plants from leggy ones.

I bought some basil in a pot, but the thing was a wreck, mind you so were my first basil seedlings. I misplanted those, but the second batch is doing better, if you see another basil themed update then you’ll know they, and this one, continue to do well. I transplanted the wrecked seedling (It looked nice, but it was ready to yellow and die from bad roots), twice, gave it the old sugar water for root shock and left the stems buried halfway up. So what’s this lesson in what not to do to plants got to do with free from food blogging, you say? You’re very impatient you know. I’m getting to it.

The above after pruning, transplanting and generally being fiddled with by someone Googling everything. My first, albeit tiny, harvest! So proud.

I’m now trying to figure out what to do with a handful of free basil, I already bought some and made pesto, but there wasn’t enough for a batch of pesto so it worked out well. Also: I may be making Mustard Greens Pesto if my leggy, you noticing a pattern here?, grows a bit more. So watch this space. So what did I make you ask? Stop fidgeting, I’m getting there.

Basil Tea! Via the Tea page.

It’s absurdly easy and ridiculously pale. As opposed to yours truly, who is now piebald thanks to sunburn, but there is a lovely fresh taste. It’s not a bad idea if you had some spare basil lying around. From what I hear it’s really rather good for your health. Now if tea isn’t your cup of tea. Well how about:

Banana, Blueberry and Basil Smoothie! Again just pop over to the Smoothie Page.

Oh the lovely alliteration. This is just a slight tweak to my basic smoothie. This is surprisingly nice, the basil adds a certain something, it really refreshing. You can use yoghurt, milk or anything other than water, it’s just that I find dairy smoothies a tad heavy and I don’t really find much difference between water and low-fat milk in a smoothie. Freeze the fruit for extra creamy thickness.

Now that’s my adventures in horticulture. I’ll probably try some basil in a Brown Butter Sauce, but you don’t need me for he recipe, just sub basil for the Sage. If all goes well I should have plenty of fresh herb recipes in the future. It’s not that I couldn’t just buy some, but I’m kinda cheap…er, frugal and I never can use all of herbs I buy, so they just end up as Pesto. This way I have fun and get to try, and share, so many fun new recipes. As for the future, well…

Watch this space. (And pray for your dear pal “Jack”, for he has really no idea what he’s doing)


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