Dark Tahini and a man of my word.

I said previously that I’d use dark tahini in a sauce to see if it faired as well as light and I’m happy to report that it tasted just the same in a Tarator Sauce. You might wonder why I bother with these small tests and updates, well it’s really simple some of the ingredients we use are unknown and exotic to new comers and old hands alike. Sure, once you get used to an ingredient you’ll be able to use it from then on, but if you have no idea about it before why would you ever buy it in the first place? A lot of free from food costs a lot of money and there’s nothing worse than waste. That’s why I hope if anyone is struggling with an ingredient they may see it mentioned and have its use explained here, which may give them the willingness to purchase it and try it for themselves, possibly opening a new avenue of food and nutrition.

One of the problems of obscure food is that while the internet can’t help singing their praises, they also seen to enjoy copy and pasting the blurbs that describe them as wonders of the food world, with a wealth of supposed uses, whilst they never actually supply a recipe or cooking method outside the usual offerings or at all in some cases. How many chia pudding, quinoa salads do we need? Plenty! Hah, you thought I was bashing them, right? Nah, they have their place, but we also need quinoa recipes that no one else has, that are used in conjuncture with other oddball healthy ingredients. We also need to learn how to use them in unheard of ways. I worked hard figuring out Amaranth and if I’d left it solely to the internet I’d still have only made porridge. Instead I made some of my favourite recipes, most of which were discovered by accident and trial and error.

This has run on longer than I intended, but I hope it gives some slight insight into the inner working of my cooking and baking style and possibly provides an explanation as to the multitude of updates that seemingly tweak only a small part of recipes. We’re all in this together and all knowledge, no matter how minuscule or potentially unimportant, is valuable. I suppose putting it simply and in a clichéd, paraphrased way: One persons silly recipe is another’s salvation. I know the real outlandish recipes have been the cornerstones of my health and weight loss success and I hope my own contributions will provide some help to others too.

Oh, yeah. The sauce. I almost forgot that. Time to update a few recipes.