A Magically Muddled Mess of Updates

One bit before we start: I admit to being a lurker rather than a participator. I’ll read through posts, but neglect to like them, admire great food photography, but leave it at that, I’ll always share links to original recipes, but feel abashed at leaving a comment. In short: I’m wowed by the blogs, so professional, each and every one, of everyone who has come to this site and I can’t thank you all enough for your support, whether it be a view, share or a like. I feel like I have no idea what I’m doing, but I’m getting my recipes out there and that’s all that matters for now. I can learn and looking at all these amazing blogs I have a lot of learn from. I’ll enjoy every minute of it. Okay we now return to our regularly scheduled blog post.

This is it. The big one. Don’t screw this up, kid. You can do it! Just check your notes and you’ll be fine.

Oh dear, oh dear…

Al-right, first things first. I decided to get over my irrational dread of dark tahini and give it a shot. It’s just unhulled tahini, somehow I came under the impression that it was more roasted for some reason. I decided to try it in the Tahini Bread recipe, which is oddly popular despite being oddball and really simple, still it beats letting it go to waste and it tastes just fine, and thankfully it worked well.

Looks lovely before it sinks, eh?

And it’s sun…wait, not it’s not as bad actually.

Apparently the dark tahini gives the bread a firmer texture. It’s also not as intense as the one made using hulled tahini. I wouldn’t call it a sandwich bread, but it certainly is a tastier version when using the dark and probably healthier to boot. I have yet to try it in a sauce, but I have high hopes it’ll be just fine.

A few short updates before the finally big one. I added some Quinoa to my Whole Grain Basmati, just 25g, and it wasn’t too bad. It was a tad firmer, but you could add some more water if you wanted. It was also really filling, I was shocked that a bit of quinoa in rice would add so much.

Shamefully I realised I never tried my Nightshade Free Curry Powder. That’s a rarity for me, I guess I took the recipe down and just forgot to try it out. Thankfully I’ve rectified that and I’m happy to say it’s just fine. I still prefer individual blends for each curry, but it never hurts to have a few blends written down (Or typed up as the case may be).

I tried adding an additional banana to my Nutty Banana Flax Bread (Just scroll down) and it worked well. Gives it a slightly moister texture, but I still wouldn’t class it as a banana bread, which suits me as I’m not a huge fan of banana bread. It’s a little softer outside too, but it still cuts just fine. You’ll get 12 big slices out of it.

The extra banana makes it shiner. Leave out the curry powder though!

Onwards! Oh, one more thing. If you tap the bottom of any of these breads, and most others too, and it sounds hollow that means it’s cooked. You should still skewer/knife test it too, but it’s great if you can’t cut it yourself to check.

Rooibos Soaked Sultanas?!

I just realised that I neglected to post the first treacle bread. The more traditional version with un-soaked fruit. Can you pretend you saw that first? Thanks. The variation, which came first strangely, is just like my Mother’s treacle (Or molasses) bread that I grew up eating. I tell you it was a real treat to be able to eat it again.

Brown muck! Huzzah! Take my word for it, it looks the same as the gluten version.

Add the reserved tea slowly or you’ll have too much liquid.

These two recipe have their own page here: Buckwheat Flour Treacle and Tea Bread. There are two versions, the main one is more time consuming and has a moist texture, whereas the quicker, traditional one is drier, but goes wonderfully with butter. I can’t decide which I like more. Nostalgia is battling with taste and either way I’m a winner.

Just like Momma used to make, er, still makes.

I’ve put down all you’ll need on the recipes pages, just know the main version can be a little trickier, but it’s still really simple. It’s nice to be able to share a real Irish, family recipe. This has been a fairly long and graphic, geddit? Because of all the photos? *Crickets*, and I hope it made sense. I had fun this week. When you have to cook and bake entirely for yourself with no breaks, no eating out or having someone else cook, it can be tough, but I like to use my time to try new things, if I have to make bread why not make something new and then share it with others, that way I get more value from the time I spend toiling in the kitchen. Okay I’ve had me moan and I’ll go and eat bread now.

The tea version.