Breads will be microwaved, butties will be made.

Here we go again. Just a small tweak this time, but a really, really nice one. You may notice I’m trying a lot of different variants on recipes and that’s partly because I’ve hitting a bad patch with food. I can’t get tahini, unless I buy way too much online and I may be running out of the only squash I can drink. I don’t do tea (Only red and that’s a tisane), coffee is a once in a blue moon or suffer the histamine-ridden consequences and all but 7up is out for soda and that’s a rare one too because of the previously mentioned histamines.

*Sigh* So I could sink under and just give up, well not really, but I figure I’ll throw all this angst into bettering my other recipes and hoping that they’ll come back into stock. They usually do, but when you’re on as restricted diet as I am you can have your world toppled by a supermarket not stocking an item for a few weeks quite easily. I shouldn’t rant, but it doesn’t hurt to show the difficulties that we free from eaters faces sometimes.

Now for the tweaked recipe and the explanation of the title. It’s a non-sweet version of the Microwave Rice Flour Cake, but ditching the sugar and vanilla and adding a dash of salt. It may be too high in protein to eat a lot of it, but slap a sunny-side up egg and a few rashers in there and it’s a little slice of heaven. Well, a lumpy, slimy chunk of paradise, hence the lack of a photo, no amount of skill can make it look as good as it tastes.

I’ll update the recipe and place it below as well. It’s funny how the best sandwich bread I’ve had came from the microwave.


45g Brown Rice Flour
7g Ground Flaxseed (1 Tbsp)
1 Tsp GF Baking Powder
1 Large Egg
50ml Milk
2 Tbsp Sugar
Dash vanilla Extract


Sandwich Bread: Leave out the Sugar and Vanilla Extract and add a dash of Salt.


1. Grease microwave safe bowl with Butter or Olive Oil.

2. Whisk together the Egg, Milk, Vanilla Extract and Sugar. Then Whisk in the Flour, Flax and Baking Powder. Batter will be smooth and runny. Pour into greased bowl.

3. Cook on full heat for 2-2 1/2 minutes. Cake should be springy to the touch and will double in size. Place plate on top of the bowl and turn out. Let cool slightly and serve.


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