Blueberries and Peanut Butter? Ewww…Oh, my word that’s good.

Firstly: Has it really been three months!?! Man, that’s like three more months than I’d ever thought I’d stick with a blog. I just want to say thank you for your support whether it be comments, likes or follows, it means a lot to see these recipes being read by others. I hope to see my own recipes baked or cooked by someone else someday, a silly little dream of mine. Anyway, thank you all so much. I’ll carry on carrying on as best I can.

Okay, I admit I baked yesterday, but that was my treat baking day and I baked some bread instead, although it was awesome and I are way too much of it, it didn’t count. Besides I really, really needed some buttercream. When it comes down to it couldn’t we all use some more buttercream. I’ll always remember looking at a wedding cake recipes featuring buttercream and figuring out the magical ratio to make any quantity of buttercream desired. 4 (Parts Icing Sugar) 2 (To, heh, puns) 1 (Part Butter), yup, remember 4-2-1 and you’ll be frosting your cake (Or cookies as in this case) in a jiffy.

Now for today it’s a basic Flourless Peanut Butter Cookie recipe, mine as a matter of fact, chopped and changed so much over these years until it was perfect, or at least reasonably so. All I did was form six, 50g, balls and flatten them out. The nice thing about this recipe is that you can make the cookies as absurdly large as you want and they’ll be just as good, taste and structure wise.

“Learn to take artistic photos!” No! *Points camera randomly around*

Erm, yeah, anyway: Now for the fun part! The flavour combination, and yes I’ve already spoiled it in the title, but wait, there’s more! Peanut Butter (Which, like most nut butters, marries wonderfully with berries) and Blueberries and Maple Syrup! If I hadn’t used peanut butter in so many wonderfully weird and varied ways before I’d be sceptical too. It worked wonderfully, though this was my first time trying blueberries with peanut butter. I’ve had Flourless Almond Nut Cake with Raspberry, Strawberry and Peanut Butter Cake too. I think I had Raspberry, Hemp and Peanut Butter Cookies at one point as well. Berries and nuts are great is what I’m saying.

I ran out of Blueberry Buttercream halfway and had to spread my compote thin. C’est la vie *Eats cookies*

It’s 50g Blueberries, more if you’d like them well filled, with a dash of Maple Syrup and  a splash (I’m running out of vague measurements) of Water. Boil it for a few minutes on medium until thick and the blueberries have softened considerably. Toss a little of the cooled mixture into 25g Butter and 100g Icing Sugar for the Buttercream, again more if you want them all covered. You can ice it any way you want really, I just liked having the compote ringed in by buttercream in the centre and then covering it over.

Now if you’ll excuse me I have cookies to eat and miles to go before I sleep. (Sorry Robert Frost)


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