Life Has Many Doors, Ed-Boy!

And these recipes have many variations. Not that I’ll complain, today was a good day since everything worked well. I have no idea what an old cartoon (Ed, Edd and Eddy) has to do with with free from eating, but it seems apt in a way. Okay, on with the recipes.

Firstly, actually pre-firstly I should share a little something about rotating your greens in green smoothies. Just check it out on the first Google result here. It’s an interesting read and I have had problems with too much of some foods myself, it’s not some magical quackery, just common sense and science, but it’s easily not brought to mind when gulping down a smoothie for our health.

So pretty before blending.

Okay, where was I?, Ah, Broccoli smoothie! A  really basic recipes, I’ll add it to the Smoothie page. It tastes more of Banana than of Broccoli. Handy as an antihistamine. Blitz it up and gulp it down. You could also add blueberries (Lots of Vitamin C) or use honey if you’d rather. I’m no nutritionist, just someone who has eaten his way to better health. I’m also no preacher or shamer, just trying to share some of my meagre knowledge and maybe help a few people.

Broccoli Smoothie

75g Blanched Broccoli (Fresh or Frozen)
150ml Water or Milk (Optional: Add 1 Tbsp Hemp if using Water)
1 Banana
Dash Maple Syrup

Just close your eyes and think of anything that isn’t slimy and green.

Now for something completely different. Buckwheat Treacle Bread. Just like my mother used to, actually, still makes. I have made something like it before, but instead of trusting my own instincts I tried a recipe that seemed iffy and ended up with a thick stodgy lump of sadness with a raw treacle taste. This time I took a few liberties with my Mother’s recipe and ended up pretty close to the original.

Tastes similar to the gluten based version, but the buckwheat does makes it presence known, not in a bad way, but when we try to emulate our favourite gluten based recipes I think we’ll always end up judging them harshly. I really don’t know why I slipped into the royal we there, one will try to check oneself in future, what. Heh…

Okay the recipes is a tweak on the standard Buckwheat Bread recipe. You’ll find the full thing from that link. I would, possibly, add maybe 50g more sultanas and perhaps soak the fruit overnight in tea like a traditional tea brack and use the tea in place of the water.. Other than that I think I’m pretty happy with this. Just slather some butter on it and you’re good to go.

Okay that was long, I hope people are finding these posts somewhat useful and I really hope it’s readable. I’ll keep cooking, baking and blogging until I get something great out of it all. Later.