Pullet Egg Buckwheat Tortillas

How could I resist such a ridiculously pretentious title? It’s just a small egg, but calling it a pullet egg makes it sound like something fantastical instead of just something that fell out of a chicken’s bottom (I’m so sorry, I couldn’t not type that!). This is just one of those updates to a recipes post where I try something simple, naturally the original recipe has been updated.

These are fresh free range eggs from a friend, hence the yellow colour. Nothing tastes better than fresh, well raised chicken eggs.

Now the big question is which is better an egg vs a flax egg and funnily the flax wins out, it took way more flour to get these rolled out as they were very sticky. The taste is the same, as is the texture, but the joy and ease of a flax egg in this recipe is indisputable.

I also bought some pumpkin seed butter, tastes amazing, looks revolting. I’ll probably try it in a few recipes and hopefully Google will yield some new recipes to use it in. That’s it for now, hopefully I’ll find something new and interesting soon. I do keep looking, but hours, upon hours and all I end up with is tired eyes and little else. That’s part of the thrill of the hunt for new recipes I guess. Any ways, have fun as always. Later.


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