Tahini Wholegrain Basmati

I like to add some hemp to give a nutritional boost to the rice. Best to add it just before serving rather than cooking it.

Why tahini rice? To paraphrase Tennyson: “Ours is not to reason why, ours is but to do with what we have.” I like to try everything with an ingredient, you never know when it’ll be, if not flavoursome, useful. I work with a limited pantry, but as you can and will see that doesn’t stop me from experimenting and gaining recipes and experience. The goal of all this is to enjoy food, celiac disease stole that away from me once, I wrested it back and I aim to keep it.

As for the rice, cooking it mellowed the tahini taste, it’s nothing great on it own, but with a small slice of Tahini Bread, some Lebanese 7 Spice Chicken and Tahini Sauce it works well. I could’ve gone even further and used the Garlic and Tahini Chicken but that’d be overkill.

I’ve add this to the Wholegrain Basmati recipe, but it’s just 1 Tbsp Tahini added along with the rice and Water, mixed as it boils and cooked as usual.


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