Try not to put update in the title this time…

…oops! Just a small update, or rather two. The first is just a test of Tahini in my Chicken Curry as a thickener. It worked well, I haven’t tried and seed butter based thickeners before, but it really did well. It was thicker than usual so I listed less than I used. You can taste the tahini, but it not as strong and eating it straight. I added some salt too, but you don’t have to if you’d rather not.

The second is to do with the just published Buckwheat Flour Tortillas. As I said I was happy with the taste, but I thought the dough may have been better thinner and I also tried freezing one. The dough was better thinner and it’s still easy to work with thanks to the flax egg. Freezing them before cooking worked just fine too, I managed to defrost it and re-roll it out flatter. They still break a little, but it’s still a really quick, tasty recipe so that’s a small concession to have to make.

That’s all for now. Later.


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