Heat, No Nightshades.

Just a slight addition to my Mexican Spiced Chicken and Quinoa. I left out the Cheese and instead whipped up some raw, grated garlic with some salt and pepper and it was really great. Grating the garlic brings out a strong, almost chilli like heat. It went great with some Tortilla Chips, which I may soon be running out of unless I can get a new supply of proper tortillas and not those crumbly shells you can buy.

Heat is one of the thing I miss a lot and there no real substitute for it, although it did teach me how important flavour is too. All heat and no flavour is no way to go, everything in balance. Any ways, the recipe has been updated.

Also: Check out this link to read about the effect of different preparations on the flavour of garlic. It’s really interesting how much of a difference it can make to a dish.


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