Almond Coffee Flourless Nut Cake

I like to just spread, as opposed to piping, Buttercream when making coffee cake for some reason.

I never know how flippant to be with titles, I thought I’d go with a descriptive one instead and let the photos provide the colour commentary, while I try to you you a rough idea of how to assemble this cake. It’s not difficult, the hardest part is the lining of the tin and once you get that down it’s a breeze. I could’ve called it an espresso cake, but coffee cake will suffice.

Naturally the base is my own Flourless Nut Cake, you can find this variation at the bottom of that recipe. I changed up the white sugar for brown and the smell was fantastic while cooking, I think it added something to the final product too. Either sugar will yield the same texture so go with whichever you prefer. You could probably use coconut palm sugar too if you’d rather.

I was going to call it a sticky coffee cake as a pun on toffee cake, but it ended up more moist than sticky. Delicious regardless.

The Espresso Syrup is something I’ve used a lot, but hadn’t typed up the recipe for. It’s easy to make, just remember to always be careful when boiling sugar, I had a whisk explode once so I’m an old hand at mishaps with sugar (A often burnt hand). Once the cake has cooled, flip it over and just spread the syrup on with a pastry brush, silicone ones are handy for this as they don’t stick together as easily as ordinary ones.

Have it with a cup of coffee. Almond and coffee is a great combo.

The Buttercream can just be blended together all in one, adding more toasted almond slivers and espresso syrup as you want. Just aerate the mixture until it swells up, testing for graininess as you go. It’ll take an hour, maybe an hour and a half to bake and assemble, but the end result speaks for itself. You could even double it if desired, but make sure to bake each layer separate, if the batter’s too thick it’ll sink and become stodgy not fudgy.

Well, that’s it for me. Maybe sometime I’ll put up a guide on how to line the tin, it’s not hard, but I remember struggling myself with it and now I know a few tricks it’s a piece of cake (Ba-dum-bum-tsh!).


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