Espresso Syrup

Really thick and intense.

An older recipe, but one I’ll be using soon. I’d say it’ll reduce to about half by the time it’s done boiling. It’ll be slightly runnier when hot and will thicken further as it cools. I’ve used it in gluten based cupcakes, way back in ye olde tymes, but it should be just as good in GF baking as well. How much you add is up to you, it’ll give a real coffee taste to light baked goods, but can get lost if the other flavours are too predominant or if the baked product is too dense. I’ll be using it as a brushed on syrup and for flavouring Buttercream.


100g Sugar
120ml Extra Strong Espresso


1. Add Sugar and Espresso to pot and bring to the boil. Boil on a medium high heat until liquid starts to reduce and thicken, stir occasionally.

2. Once the syrup is thick and starts to bubble up continuously remove from the heat and pour into a jar and let cool, but don’t refrigerate. Best to use once cooled as Syrup can crystallize if left too long.


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