Thus ends the beginning…

…and begins the other beginning? Er, we seem to have stumbled into an ouroboros metaphorical mess, so let’s start over, shall we? I’ve finally got all the recipes I had sitting here for the last three odd years uploaded, now they may need some cleaning up presentation wise, but the recipes themselves are ready to use.

So what now? Basically I’ll add more as I find them and I’ll update recipes as I fiddle with them. I’m not a fancy chef or a  prodigious baker, I’m just a guy who cooks every day and night. I can’t eat out, I can’t rely on others to feed me, so I work at enjoying everything I eat. These recipes are the fruits of hours upon hours and years upon years of research, experimentation, stumblings, fumblings and some wonderful successes. I’m just a home cook trying to find some joy in what can be a depressing  collection of illnesses.

What does that mean for anyone reading this? Well, I hope you’ll stick around even if it seems as if this doesn’t see an update in a while, I’ll still be here, behind the curtain trying to work my humbug magic and explore new ways of enjoying good food. I’m not a day to day blogger, that just ain’t me, I’m a meal to meal blogger and when I have something new I’ll happily share it.

So to close and give you all a reprieve from the wall of text, I’ll simple say thank you for whatever support you provide and please enjoy the recipes!


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