Sweet Omelette

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Sweet Omelette and (This is a recipe, I think) Caramelised Banana (It was!).

It’s 2019 and I’m only now updating this page, but considering this has disappeared from my radar since, well, almost its inception, I can be excused. This is a fiddly, finicky absolutely delicious, fluffy, melt in the mouth hassle to make. This does take some skill to make properly, mostly because you need a huge pan, it’s like frying a flat meringue, and a very steady hand alongside a good nose because you’ll turn it once and it better be just cooked right or you’ll regret touching it. It’s named sweet, but it tastes more eggy than you’d expect, the melting texture is what separates this recipe from your average omelette making it almost a custard pancake. Topping with something sweet really finishes the whole dish. Don’t let the sweetness turn you off, if you like any creamy, egg based desserts you’ll enjoy this.



2 Large Eggs, Separated
1 Tbsp Sugar
Butter for frying


Fruit Compote of choice


1. Put the Egg Yolks and Sugar into a small bowl and beat together with a fork. Set aside

2. Whisk the Egg Whites until they form soft peaks and then fold in the Egg Yolk mixture until completely incorporated.

3. Heat the pan on a high heat and when hot add Butter and let melt. Turn to a medium heat and pour in Batter. Let cook for a few minutes until the bottom has browned and then gently flip over and cook on the other side until golden.

4. Put Omelette on a plate and spread the Compote over it, then roll the Omelette up and serve.