Golden Syrup Puffed Rice Cereal Squares

Not being able to eat anything with gelatin is a pain, these help.

Tweaked from: Here


105g Puffed Rice Cereal
80g Golden Syrup
20g Sugar
15g Butter
A Dash Vanilla Extract


1. Put Syrup, Sugar and Butter in a pot and turn the heat to high, let melt, once melted bring to the boil whilst stirring and boil for a minute. Mixture will be golden and will bubble up.

2. Once the minute is up remove from the heat and add the Vanilla Extract and then stir in the Cereal and mix until everything is coated and sticky.

3. Scoop the mixture into either a greased pan or a silicone mold, then press down firmly. Leave in the fridge to set completely.


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