Flax Bread


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This got me through some very hard times. I eaten better since, but still a decent loaf.

From: Here


200g Ground Flaxseed/Golden Flaxseed (Cold milled okay too)
5 Eggs
150ml Water
125g Butter, Melted
1 Tbsp Baking Powder

Optional: Add 50g Shelled Hemp Seeds

1/5 of the recipe in a small spring-form pan makes a travel sandwich.


1. Preheat the oven to 200c (No Fan)

2. Grease and line the bottom of the baking tin.

3. Put Eggs in bowl and whisk until frothy.

4. Add Butter and whisk to combine.

5. Add Ground Flaxseed, Water and then Baking Powder, whisk until smooth. Batter will be runny.

6. Add to baking tin and brush top with cold water.

7. Pour into baking tin and bake in the oven for oven for 40 minutes (Turning if necessary at 20 minutes) or until firm and a knife comes out clean. Cool in tin for half an hour and then remove and cool completely on wirerack.


2 thoughts on “Flax Bread

  1. I see a few have clicked my blog post link over to your flax bread recipe! I made a loaf today and served it at a lunch I had for 11 people. One of my guests follows a keto diet and I figured if she couldn’t eat anything else, she could eat that! Everyone loved it. And two of the guests asked for the recipe! Many thanks again!

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