Eggy Pasta

One of my own, I needed a carbonara without the parmesan and it needed to be quick. I don’t use it these days, but it served its purpose well.


1 Chicken Breast, Chopped
85g Buckwheat Pasta
1 Medium Egg, Beaten
45g Red Cheddar, Finely Grated/50g Soft Goat’s Cheese
Olive Oil
Black Pepper to Taste
1/4 Tsp Oregano
Pinch of Basil
Pinch Garlic Granules
1/8 Cup Reserved Pasta Cooking Water


1. Cook Pasta per directions and drain.

2. While Pasta is cooking, heat some Olive Oil in a pan add Herbs and Chicken then fry until cooked through.

3. Add Drained Pasta to Cooked Chicken and mix well. Make sure it’s all piping hot.

4. Add Egg and stir to coat Pasta completely. Add Cheese, cook until hot and Cheese has melted, stirring constantly. If too lumpy add Reserved Water.


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