Creamy Chicken Pasta


2 Chicken Breasts, Chopped
85g Pasta of Choice
8g Butter
30ml Milk
15ml Double Cream
60g Red Cheddar, Grated
Olive Oil
Salt, Black and White Pepper to Taste


1. Cook Pasta per directions. Reserve some of the cooking water, about 1/8 Cup.

2. While Pasta is cooking, heat some Olive Oil in a pan and fry Chicken until cooked through (Drain as necessary)

3. When Pasta is cooked, drain and set aside, also leave Chicken in pot off the heat. Add Butter to pasta pot and let melt, then add Milk, Cream and Salt and Black Pepper. Give it a stir and add Cheddar, then stir until smooth and creamy. If too thick add some of the reserved cooking water.

4. Add Chicken and Pasta to sauce, stir together until everything is warmed and coated then serve.


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