Humble Beginnings

My Facebook page where I’ve collected all my recipes and will continue to do so, so don’t fret about missing out, has gotten a little jam packed so I thought I’d try putting them up on a blog. I doubt I’ll dive head first into the whole blogger lifestyle, mostly because I really don’t want the hassle, but if it helps archive my recipes and perhaps helps others as I have been helped then that’s alright by me.

As for the recipes themselves I’ll try to make them as clear as possible and I should have a photo with each to at least give an idea of the finish product. Sorry to say there’ll be no high art style photos, just ones snapped as the food cools or cooks, I’m no photographer and I know it. If a recipe came from another blog or website I’ll do my best to provide the link to it, I understand that blogs can be people’s livelihoods and I don’t want to be seen as someone who  doesn’t respect their rights, but time and tide moves ever onwards and some blogs sink beneath the waves and memories of where recipes came from evaporate like foam on the dashing waves. In other words: Blogs die and sources get forgotten.

When a recipe is of my own invention or so far removed from the original source to be recognizable as such I’ll mention that too. Obiviously I’m starting this blog to help others so I’d be more then happy to have people spread these recipes about, also bearing in mind where they came from and crediting people properly.

This has been a long winded post and I’m sure I’ll make a lot of mistakes, I don’t expect this blog to take off and become a success (I’d rather it stayed low key to be honest) or even be much use outside of a repository for free from recipes, but if there’s a celiac struggling, a nightshader lost or a low histamine person wondering what it’s ll about then maybe it’ll end up as a beacon in troubled waters like so many of the wonderful blogs and forums I’ve frequented over the years.

Okay, let’s try this out!


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