Rice Stuffing


1/2 Cup of Brown Rice/Jasmine Rice
1 Chicken Stock Cube (GF)
250ml Water
2 Tbsp Sage
2 Tbsp Thyme
2 Tbsp Parsley
2 Tsp Black Pepper
1 Small Yellow Onion, Chopped Fine
100g Butter


1. Add the Water and Stock to the Rice and put in a flat bottomed pot. Put the pan on high heat. Wait till the water boils and starts bubbling then turn the heat down to medium (3 on hob) cover and let it just sit there for 20 minutes.

2. After the 20 minutes is up, turn off the heat. Let it stand for another 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, lift the lid and take a fork and fluff the Rice.

3. Place Butter and Onion in pan and melt gently. Cook until Butter starts to reduce down and brown slightly.

4. Add Spices and cook for a few minutes.

5. Add Rice and stir for a few more minutes until everything is combined.


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